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HOSTIK provides around-the-clock systems management, with onsite personnel trained in networking, internet and systems management. The result is a physical and technical environment affording customers the reliability and flexibility necessary to operate their mission-critical internet operations.

Lite Web Hosting Special

Lite Web Hosting
• No Setup Fee
• 100GB of Disk Space
• 500GB Data Transfer
• 1,000 Email Accounts
• Plesk Control Panel
• Windows or Linux

Programming Features:
• Java, ADO, ASP, Perl
• Full custom CGI execution
• C, C++, XML, HXML
• Microsoft Index Server and Interdev
• Microsoft Media Support
• Macromedia Flash Support
• Shockwave Support
• SSI (Server Side Includes)
• Mime Types
• Multimedia Support
Email Features:
• Web-Based Email
• Web-Based Email Manager
• 1,000 Email Accounts
   - POP3 Emails
   - Autoresponders
   - Email Forwarding

Reliability Features:
• Intel Dual XEON base Servers
• Unlimited Bandwidth Connection
• Redundant Cisco Routers
• Bandwidth on demand on OC12
• UPS Power Backup
• Standby Diesel Power Generator
• Daily Full and Incremental Backup
• 24/7 Security & Network Monitoring
• Free Support via Live Chat
• Toll-Free Technical Support
Price $96 a year. It's only $8 a month and No Setup Fee

Quarterly & Yearly accounts
are available to choose.

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