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live chat services

Live Chat Service As low as $19.95 per operator

  • Install on as many pages on multi domains as you like
  • Add HTML code to your email signature for quick chat
  • All chats are secured and encripted by SSL
  • Collect confidential information such as credit card on the chat session
  • PCI-II compliance server and network
  • Any time money back guarantee
  • Affordable monthly fee as low as $19.95 per operator
Livechat-features Real-time one on one communication: Offer real-time one on one chat communication with your visitors and provide a higher level of customer support, aid in purchase decisions or just offer a service that will put you one step above your competition.
Livechat-features Handle multiple chat requests at once: Provide support to multiple visitors at the same time. No need to switch between browser windows as everything is located on one page. Simply click on the visitors URL to switch to that chat session. A blinking user icon shows the visitor has typed something new. A red user icon means that is the visitor you are currently speaking with.
Livechat-features Collect visitor data: View visitors data to see where they came from, misc information like browser, operating system, local time and screen resolution as well as transcript numbers if they have any previous transcripts from previous chat sessions.
Livechat-features Email signature w/ buttons or text: Add your chat buttons or chat text to your email signatures to allow anyone to request a chat directly from the emails you send. This code can also be used for auctions as well.
Livechat-features Automatic transcript saving: It can automatically save transcripts when chat sessions end to allow for review at a later time.
Livechat-features Log transcripts: Every chat session can be logged including information on the visitor such as their IP, name, department they chatted with as well as the date.
Livechat-features Search transcripts: Easily search through transcripts for reference at a later time. Search by transcript ID or even keywords.
Livechat-features Email transcripts: Upon completion of a chat session, the visitor can have the transcript emailed to them or to any email address.
Livechat-features Sound alerts: An alert will sound when a user has requested a chat session, typed a new message or just entered your site. Sounds can be turned on and off in both the operator and the visitor side.
Livechat-features Print chat sessions: While chatting, the visitor can print the current chat screen instead of having to wait until the end of the session to get it emailed to them.

Livechat-features Template based layout of all areas: With our new template based system you can easily change any screen look with simple HTML. This feature also include a WYSIWYG editor for easy editing
Livechat-features Alter colors, font, CSS: Easy change colors, images, text etc.. without editing the code by altering the CSS to fit your sites look.
Livechat-features Upload your own images for icons and logos: Easy upload your own status icons, logos and images via the operator back end. you can also set different status icons for emails.
Livechat-features Department specific chat icons: Set a unique status icon for each department or use the same icons for each.
Livechat-features Department specific chat welcome messages: Set a unique greeting for each department to show while a visitor is waiting for a chat session to begin.

Sales & Marketing
Livechat-features Track visitors referers: Know exactly where your visitors are coming from and which sites bring the most traffic.
Livechat-features Proactive chat requests: If you see a visitor may need some assistance, simply hit the request link and request will appear on the visitors screen.
Livechat-features Surveys and operator rating system: After a chat session has been completed, the user will be prompted to fill out a survey where you can ask any questions or get feedback about your site, your products or your customer service. You can also have them rate the operator they just chatted with.
Livechat-features PUSH HTML pages: Push web pages to your visitors automatically opening up a new browser page with the location you input.
Livechat-features PUSH images: Push images directly to your visitors chat session screens.

Reporting & Stats
Livechat-features Real-time traffic monitor: See exactly where your visitors are on your site as they move throughout it. You can also see which visitors are chatting with which operators or request a chat from them.
Livechat-features Extensive site reporting: In the reports area, you can view a quick summary of the stats for the day along with other useful information such as top 10 refers, top 10 visitors, top 10 pages visited and top 10 exit pages. Reports can also be viewed by month.
Livechat-features Report management: Easily manage the reports with the ability to delete by date.
Livechat-features IP/Hostname management system for blocking of IP's: With the IP/Hostname management system you can choose to block certain visitors from requesting chats, showing up on the visitor list, or getting inputted into reports, or even all of the above.
Livechat-features Extensive reporting of visitors with graphs and charts: View realtime charts showing visitors hits on a daily basis as well as a week view.

Livechat-features Canned responses, images and push URL's: Easy add, edit and select from canned responses for faster responses and less typing.
Livechat-features Department specific canned responses: Ability to add responses for a specific department as well as view the global responses.
Livechat-features Transfer calls to other operators: Easily transfer chat sessions to any online operator with the click of a button.
Livechat-features Assign operator to multiple departments: Assign operators to a specific department or all of them. Operators will only have access to answer chats for their specified departments.
Livechat-features Chat request queue for chat session distribution: While your visitors are waiting for a chat request they are entered in a queue which is displayed while they wait to give them an idea on how long they may have to wait.
Livechat-features Department specific waiting messages: While waiting for a chat, you can display department specific messages to your visitors.
Livechat-features Offline messages: When offline, your visitors will have the option of sending offline messages to you via email.

Livechat-features No programming skills required: No programming or programming knowledge required, setup is fast and easy.
Livechat-features Unmatched 24/7 free technical support
Livechat-features FREE updates for one year and 30 days of support:

First Operator
Additional Operator(each)
Setup Fee
$80.95 (10% saving)
$305.49 (15% saving)
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