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SpamCuff™ is a high capacity anti-spam/Anti-Virus Service. Spamcuff™ is suitable for high volume sites while at the same time it is an ideal service for smaller sites that want a low cost, hands-off and trouble free solution for spam and virus detection.

  • SpamCuff™ not only filters the spam, it's Anti-Virus too!
  • Reduce the load on your mail server by 95%
  • Extend the life of your mail server and it's hard drive
  • No need for a new server to keep up with the load
  • 95% less spam reaching your mail boxes
  • If your mail server is temporarily off line, your users will not notice
  • No management is needed by you
  • One time setup on our side and voila
  • Packages starting at only $4/month
If your domain is receiving a large volume of spam e-mail, it is likely causing an unnecessary burden on your server, and slowing down other operations on the server, such as handling web and database queries.

For shared hosting accounts, large volumes of e-mail processing may consume excessive resources and require that you upgrade to a virtual or dedicated server. For dedicated servers, such e-mail processing may require you to purchase a higher end server to handle the load. By using this service, you reduce overall expenses and have a high-quality spam filtering solution. We have a custom designed and load balanced spam filtering cluster to handle the task of filtering your e-mail.

How does this service work

Our load balanced spam filtering cluster acts as a "man in the middle" for your domain's e-mail delivery. Mail is initially delivered to our servers, filtered for spam and viruses, and the remaining "good" mail is forwarded on to your "real" mail server.
Spammers are constantly changing their tactics to circumvent filters. We always keep our spam filtering systems up-to-date with the latest technologies to help fight them back.