SpamCuff is a high capacity hosted anti-spam/Anti-Virus Service. It is suitable for high volume sites while at the same time it is an ideal service for smaller sites that want a low cost, hands-off and trouble free solution for spam and virus protection.

  • SpamCuff filters spam and Viruses on the mail server
  • Reduce the load on your mail server by 95%
  • Protects unlimited email addresses
  • 95% less spam reaching your mail boxes
  • If your mail server is rebooting and off line, all emails are cached for later delivery
  • No management is needed by you
  • As low as  $16/month

How does this service work

Our load balanced spam filtering cluster acts as a "man in the middle" for your domain's e-mail delivery. Mail is initially delivered to our servers, filtered for spam and viruses, and the remaining "good" mail is forwarded on to your "real" mail server.
Spammers are constantly changing their tactics to circumvent filters. We always keep our spam filtering systems up-to-date with the latest technologies to help fight them back.

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SpamCuff™ prevents spam and Viruses reaching to InboxReduce the load on your mail server by 95%Protects unlimited email addresses95% less spam reachin..


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